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With the increase in cardiac health issues in the United States, cardio exercise has been on a constant rise for many years now. If you take a quick look in your local gym, you will see that cardio equipment is starting to take up more space than weights. There is a reason for that, and it is based on supply and demand. No, supply and demand does not only apply to business, but almost everything. Individuals that are not part of a gym will readily run outside to maintain health and endurance. One very important vital sign that must be monitored during any cardio exercise is pulse rate, which is also referred to as heart rate.

Traditional method of checking ones pulse rate was to use two fingers at the wrist and count ones heart beats for 10 seconds and them multiple that number by 6. Well those days are long gone. Advances in technology today have made it possible to check ones pulse rate on the go with a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter, also know as a pulse ox by some, is a portable medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation level and the pulse rate of an individual with the of a laser beam. The software for a pulse oximeter allows for very accurate measurements, which come at lightning fast times.

Runners throughout the United States have adopted a pulse oximeter along with their digital watch for their exercises. It has proven to be a great tool, which is both accurate and portable. A pulse oximeter is available online from various sources, but our study has shown that PulseOximetersPlus.com is the leader in the pulse oximetry industry for over 10 years now. Their site offers a wide range of oximeters which all start for under $100 with free shipping, and a comprehensive 2 year warranty.
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Pulse Oximeter & Runners

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This article was published on 2010/12/10